fredag 2 februari 2018

EZPEI - new pattern found!

I am fascinated by wallpaper. There are so many of them and with so many different delicate patterns. Recently I found a new favourite! Here it is: 

This looks very much Art Deco, which I am a fan of and it could be transformed to a tanglepattern! I worked on it and now here comes step-outs for EZPEI! 

I made the step-out in two parts, first the detail and then I made it as a repeating pattern. It could be used as a solitaire, but I think I prefer it as a pattern repeated.  There are a lot of possibilities. You can draw it right away, no grid.

The name Ezpei comes from the first letters in Ezperanza, "Hope" and the first letters in Eivor, my lifecompanion, to whom I dedicated this pattern. 

Here is my first tile practising Ezpei:

Hope you like EZPEI and find this pattern fun and useful!

2 kommentarer:

Ria Matheussen sa...

Original name for a nice pattern and a wonderful tile. Congratulations Anita! Thank you very much for the stepout. I "m sure I'm gonna use that in the future.

P.S. For all tanglers(and especially for you because I know you like dogs)don't sit to much but please keep moving, I have found a lovely video and have put in on my latest blogpost, published today.

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank’s dear Ria! I’ll go there and have a look!😄