torsdag 15 februari 2018

10th-15th of February

I went on playing with corners and focustangle in the middle. 10th-11th, I choose random tangles with the help from Lynn Shelton Mead´s Tangledeck. Bales, Knightsbridge and Cubin was the resultof this.

13th-14th included Valentines day on Wednesday so hearts were in focus these three days.
13th: Skelter (Debbie Raen) and a Fragment I made up for the Valentangle 2018 initiated by Marguerite Samama.
14th: Heartline (Helen Williams)
15th: Fragment made up by Susan Kelley Pundt.

Yes I participated in the Valentangle 2018. Fourteen days with hearts! It was fun and I learned a lot. In my next post I will have pics and comments from this event.

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