söndag 1 april 2018


To be honest, I am ambivalent about the pattern Gourdgeous. At first sight I always see some vegetable. I like vegetables, that´s not the problem. Now it happens to be the focustangle in Square One. Helen Williams has made some wonderful drawings with Gourdgeous. And here are the original step-outs. As I start to draw it I always realize it is quite fun, and after a while it is also very meditative!

I have turned this one a lot not knowing which way I prefer it, which is good, because a zentangle has no ups and downs, but for now in the blog I let it rest this way. Some Shattuck came along, Tipple and orbs. Gourdgeous has a lot of black in it which makes the drama and I like dramatangles most of the time. Maybe we can make friends Gourdgeous and I....

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