måndag 14 maj 2018

7th-12th of May and Diva´s challenge 362

Soul Star (Sonya Yencer) was a fun tangle to learn and draw! Every single one lives it´s own life! I didn´t plan to make it go on for three days, but it did!

10th-11th I made the Diva´s Challenge 362, which is UMT for May. UMT means "Use My Tangle" and this month Laura has her birthday and celebrated it with her own tangle Somnee which has the focus for three days in my calendar too! Had not tried this one before but I liked it a lot and I guess it won´t be my last! I loved to combine it with some other friends: Tipple, Balloya (Anya Lothrop) and Dansk (Margaret Bremner). Thank you Laura for presenting Somnee to us!

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