söndag 27 maj 2018

I am the Diva´s challenge no 364

The challenge this week was a little bit different. Find an early tile that I liked and remake it. It is a little bit strange for me to do this. When I have made a tile I am satisfied with I also think this is it and then to remake it..... Hm.  But I went through the challenges from the Diva and found one I made 24th of March 2016 in the Diva´s challenge no 206. The challenge was to do something using tools I didn´t use while tangling. I was in the beginning of my tangling journey, so black pens on white tile was what I used daily. I went back to materials I only had used for other artistic purposes: Watercolor. Here is the old tile:

This one was made on heavyweight watercolorpaper. I was so happy about it since I hadn´t used watercolor for a long time (I use all kinds of other materials but not watercolor). Way back in artschool I really had a crush on watercolor. That was my mackandcheese at that time, you could say! This tile was special to me and still is since I found a way back to watercolor! No, I don´t use it much in my other art but I love to use it while tangling! Here is my remake:

This one is made on Fabriano Tiepolo, the same quality paper as original tiles.  I was satisfied with the result and it was another kind of experience than choosing a tile I wasn´t too happy with at the start and remake that one. There are differences between the tiles, not depending on the surface. I didn´t intend to copy, but doing a monotangle as I did the first time. What I see is a calmer, more balanced tile. Still I love the first one though!

4 kommentarer:

Anne's tangle blog sa...

You are right, Anita, the new tile is so much calmer and more balanced. So, it was worth doing this challenge to make you see your progress :-)

Anita A Westin CZT sa...

Yes Anne, it was. And interesting too!😄Thanks!

ria matheussen sa...

To choose a fave between those two tiles is difficult and in fact not necessary. Both of the tiles are made with love and care, have nice contrasts, shadows and unique compositions. Still it was a pleasant challenge, worthwhile to do and to discover how different the results can be for the same challenge. I like your style from the first tile I saw of you and I recognize that in both of the tiles.

Anita A Westin CZT sa...

Thank you dear Ria! I always appreciate your reflections!😍