tisdag 22 maj 2018

Prompts and Dingbatz

Prompt no. 2 in Todays Tangles celebrating 3000 members. Using the corner dots appreciating people/things in life, that are important to me. Binding the dots together with the penciled line is a way to be aware of certain contexts that keeps me up and makes life worth living! Zinger kind of grows out of Hurry and Knightsbridge gives me the Drama kick-up. Tripoli and Gourdgeous also was suggested in the Prompt but this time they stepped aside. These are just my reflections made after the process with the tile, but I love to think about it this way.

I use to do those small Dingbatz now and then, mostly when I am in lack of time and Dingbatz doesn´t take more than a couple of minutes to do. When I have done them, I just let them be but I love these small adventures. Here is my latest one though:

I like to do them on ATC ( 8,9 cm x 6,4 cm). Think I´ll show them more frequently from now on. They are fun and easy to do! And maybe they would be happy getting some more attention from me!

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