måndag 16 oktober 2017

13th-15th of October and a Daily Tangle

Last three days in my calender. Three days with fall presenting it´s most colorful approach! But I follow the black and white theme, since my colors can´t compete with nature!  Started with Twizted (Terri Brown), Pokeleaf and Zinger, then Striping with Arukas and at last Clob (Jem Miller)

Todays meditation. Started off with dots in the corners, a string from my pencil and Palrevo (Kerry Heun) which was followed by Olipse (Jody Genovese).

I haven´t used Palrevo before but I have seen it. I thought it just was a tangleation of Flukes. But it was so fun to draw and it put me in the "zone" quickly. I think I fell in love with this and I will play with it further on! Olipse is a new one too. Need some more practice but i like it a lot!

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