torsdag 26 oktober 2017

My Opus 1.

I started my first Opus ever August 20th inspired by the Mosaic-challenge Joey initiated. Today I have finished it. I haven´t worked on it every day, but I have seen it every day except when I was away to Östhammar last week. Don´t know if it was a good idea, but I left the shading and the coloring to the end and that took me a lot of time. I wasn´t sure where this would go at all. But here is my finished result.

I have listed the patterns and the date I first used them on the back of the tile. As I count them there are 17 patterns!!! Is this really me??? I blackened a part I found disturbing in the end. That was satisfying, but I am happy I left the decision till the last day I laid my hand on this!
I took a pic before or almost before shading. Unfortunately it is unsharp. I was so eager to go on with the shading I didn´t take more than one shot.

And here is the start:

As you can see I started with African Artist (Tina Aqua Hunziker), which was the start of Joey´s Mosaic-challenge. I have turned my Opus-tile several times during the process but as I started the shading it just wanted to be the way I took the final pic of it!

It was an experience to do this. I thought I never would. I might do it again, but not too soon. As I have finished it today I don´t even know what I think about the result. But I know I have enjoyed the process very much and that is what counts to me here and now.