fredag 6 oktober 2017

4th-6th of October and my daily tile

My daily meditation. Baton (Carole Ohl) and a new tangle, C-rendipity (Veena Arun).I don´t know why I haven´t used Baton more! It is a great pattern! I wanted to try C-rendipity too. I think I have to do some more of this to make it mine, but it is so nice to draw. It looks complicated but it in´t. One elemental stroke actually! Lot of zen in this!

And here is my calendar page:

Yes here is some practising going on! First Baton , then C-rendipity and on the 6th Olipze (Jody Genovese), another new and fun pattern!

2 kommentarer:

michele sa...

I love this C-rendipity tile! Your calendar page is wonderful;-)

Jean Chaney sa...

I adore the monotangle you did as it really shows off the different ways Tint could be used. The Batton and C-Rendipity really played well with each other too.