onsdag 25 oktober 2017

Calendar 22nd-24th of October and some other things going on.

First about my calendar. As I have been visiting lovely Östhammar and "Ordfestivalen", my time for the calendar wasn´t to much. Returning to it trying to catch up I felt a little bit bored for the first time. Why? Thinking about this I realized that it has to do with routine. To keep up the calendar I think I need the routine; each morning spend some time doing my "day". As I couldn´t do this for a couple of days I lost the motivation a little. But I am back. Yesterday I made the three last days and decided to make it very simple, just doing Dingbatz:

As I had done my three Dingbatz (doesn´t take long to do) I felt like Meer needed to go on a little bit more. I felt like this was ok and yes I could find a satisfaction to make this again. So todays calendarpage I was back into my morning-preparation for the day! 

This blog is not supposed to be about journaling. But I have always liked the thing with journaling. Now I have taken my first steps on the journaling-road and it is great fun. So I want to share my first experiences with you! 

The upper pic, I glued my inspiration (Papertissue!) on the left page. On the below pic you can see my #inktober - #pinktober stuff. The colored paper glued here is made by a friend of mine who makes a lot of Eco-prints!

To the last goodie for today! I finished a travelling tangle from my friend Sue Zanker yesterday. The surface of this tile is made with the shaving-foame technique and now I learned how it should be! The surface was so smooth and gentle to work on! I think I want to try this technique further on because of her lovely result. But I have to get me some odourless shaving foam instead of the one I got from the grocery last try. That one smelled terribly and I couldn´t stand it!  Here is our collaboration:

This is Sue´s lovely start!

And here is my final result. I really enjoyed this! Sue had started with a tangle called Wibble and I went on with C-rependity (Veena Arun), Ginili (Randi Wynne-Perry) and some Fescues. As I tangled on I wanted to get the Wibble more in focus so I added Gold and some watercolor. I loved to do this! Thank´s Sue for the experience! 

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