söndag 7 januari 2018

4th-6th of January 2018

There are many things to explore about tangling. And so many patterns around!! I can´t take them all in I know that. Because of this knowledge I might close my door to new opportunities, I am aware of this. So the last three days I have challenged myself to take part of one challenge a day from ElaToRium. I do it in my calendar, not knowing what to come and not knowing how long I will do this. Maybe it ends with one page? Still can´t tell. Here is my first page anyhow:

It is a little scary. Of nine patterns the last three days, there are only two I have tried before; Breach (YuRuChen) and X-mas Red (Lin Chiu). The others; Alps (Linda Rea), Zanella (Sandra Strait), Loave it(Jane Monk), Hay Ho (Ksenija Vojisavlejevic), Swirl and Twist (Linda Rea), Sleutel (Dörte Seupel-Kör) and Netzwerk (Simone Bischoff) were all new to me. When I came to the daily challenge on the 6th, I was in trouble! The trouble was caused by Netzwerk. How on earth could I make something out of this? Lines everywhere and where to go? And how to make it work with the others? Well it ended up like it did. First I used it as a background to X-mas Red but I felt I didn´t make it justice so I went for it again between the numbers 5 and 6. This little part gave me more satisfaction, but I belive that Netzwerk will be resting for some time before I try it again.  I can see there are possible ways to go with it though I think I am not there yet.

I know that zentangle is not about knowing  all the patterns around. Not at all. But what I try to experience is what happens as I expose myself to new unknown patterns and try to see what I could do with them. Most of the time I choose my patterns myself, but doing like this someone else has choosen and most often not choosen the patterns I know of. Lets see what will happen doing this... 

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Susie sa...

Hi Anita, you are doing a marvelous job and I know exactly what you are talking about following the daily challenges. Just went through a similar experience catching up with all the refreshers in Linda Farmer's Buried Treasures posts. Catching up became a bit of a stress factor when I calculated last September that I would need at least another 2-3 years to be up-to-date. However!!! I was surprised that there were tangles I would have never touched but turned out to be fantastic patterns. My 'tangles-used-at-least-once' number has since climbed to 984 (the last on the list being Ria Matheussen's Mistura (tile in progress)), but I am more confused than ever.

Don't be discouraged though. Keep at it!!! When the time comes that the self-inflicted task turns into a monkey on your back and you want to throw the towel, the world will still be OK. GOOD LUCK!!!!