tisdag 23 januari 2018

Fragment Y4 and more

I try to make a daily tile every day, but sometimes it just ends with doing my calendar. But when I do it I appreciate to be able to have this special moment. When I do it on a Zentangle original tile it is like having a little party. A friend of mine send me a pack of original white tiles for christmas, which means I can do this more often. The difference between the originals and my own handcut tiles from the same quality paper, Fabriano Tiepolo, are mainly the uneven edges. Such a detail means a lot when I tangle and I cannot fix this detail on my own (I doubt I could get the same result with the help of my washing machine! :) ). As Rick sometimes says, commenting  videos from, there are just small details that makes the whole difference.

I love working with geometrical patterns and today I couldn´t stop myself. Started with dots in the corners and penciled line conecting them, Fragment Y4 from the Zentangle Primer, Veez (Margaret Bremner), Riki-Tiki (Renee King) and finally Sez (Zt). Well Veez lived a life of it´s own and I am not sure it looks like Veez any more, which isn´t important. I had an intention to leave some empty space, but it didn´t work that way today. That is of no importance either, since the process was what it was all about.   

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