lördag 27 januari 2018

Dublin- new pattern and calendar 25th-27th of January

Chris Titus, the creator of the Square One-groups on Fb has released a new pattern with the help of Lynn Shelton Mead who made the tiles with examples. It is a great pattern, beautiful and fun to draw. Here is my first try:

Dublin is just flowing out of the pen! I love that. Rixties, Eke, Knightsbridge, fragment Y4 and some black orbs wanted to play too. With the permission from Chris Titus: here are the step-outs!

There is a pattern I have wanted to try for quite a long time. I did try it quite long ago, but though I liked the way it came out, I didn´t get it. It´was a pattern I had to think a lot doing it, although it didn´t seem difficult and the strokes were basic... Whirlee, designed by Lynn Shelton Mead. Recently I found her step-outs in her blog, I must have missed that, the step-out I used before didn´t open my eyes like this! The last three days I gave Whirlee a round in my calendar and I can tell it was an experience! I loved it!

It might look like a disorder, since I worked with it like I use to in my sketchbook! But I can see  for myself the progress through the days and I am happy with that!

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Ria Matheussen sa...

Thank you Anita for the step-outs of this beautiful pattern. Your first attempt looks wonderful in combination with the other chosen patterns.
You know, I always like colours but when I see your latest tiles, I have to say just black/white can be absolutely gorgeous too. After seeing your beautiful work, me too made again a tile in black/white and I am satified. I will show this one in my next blogpost, beginning Februar. January has passed so quickly... Let's go for another month, full of Zentanglepleasure!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank’s Ria! Always nice to hear from you! And yes! This pattern is worth trying!😄