söndag 14 januari 2018


Ashton, 6 year old, created a wonderful tangle called Cativia. It is now the focustangle in Square One! Here comes the step-out as published in Square One:

Sure I had to try this! Easy to learn with many possibilities!

I used the dots in the corners, the Z-string and then tangled. Basics. I love the basics. And I still love the string-thing. Cativia was followed by Citrus (Adele Bruno), Eddyper(?), or something similar and a fragment. I had a nice time doing this!

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Susie sa...

Love your back to basics approach! The whole tile is gorgeous in its simplicity, but still sports some highlights such as a great 3D effect with Cativia (Crassus or Agrippa?) and the use of Eddyper [Mei Hua Teng, or Damy] like a 'layer opener'. It zoomed me back to my childhood when we opened sardines in oil tins like that.