måndag 1 januari 2018

28th-31th of December and a Happy New Year 2018

My last post with the calender for 2017. The end of an adventure with tangles. 

28th: Phen (Beth Snodderly). I find this pattern interesting. Easy to learn and very simple. Which opens up a lot of possibilities, how to use it, make tangleations and how to embellish it. 

29th: Phen with Organic (Sayantika Ray) and Fescu.

30th: Organic, Pen and Opus. Opus is a tangle I don´t use much and it is a tangle I need to work on to make it mine. Tipple down in the right corner too.

Last day of the year. I looked through my calendar and there are a lot of interesting and fun patterns during the year. I picked som of those that were new to me. Balloya came across my way as I saw a video from Melinda Barlow. In March I played with Edgar (Judy Genovese). I met Meshmerize (Tomas Padros) in the autumn and Toodles was in the #Twelvedaysofzentangle from 

Ofcourse there were a lot of other new patterns but as I started with Balloya, that pattern decided which would follow!

I found another very nice pattern as I saw a tile done by Ela Rieger. It is called Flormoeba and is designed by someone with a pseudonym; cherokee 410. I needed to try it on a black tile so here it is:

Isn´t it a lovely pattern! You´ll find it here.

Today it is the first day of the New Year 2018. I had to celebrate it doing my first tile for this year:

Yes, Flormoeba again, Organic (Sayantika Ray) Orbs de La Dee (Anneke van Dam), a blown up part of Featherfall (Carole Ohl), Diva Dance, Striping, Tipple and Fescu.

Well I guess I will go on posting from my new calendar in the future. I got one as a gift from a friend of mine. The tangling in the calendar is very addictive. And I love that addiction!!!

3 kommentarer:

michele sa...

Happy New Year Anita! Thank you for sharing all of your lovely work. Your calendar is just wonderful and what an amazing collection of inspiration you've created. Also thanks for the reminder of Floramoeba. I remember really liking that a lot when I first saw it...then I forgot about it;-)
Cheers to a year of creative adventure!

Susie sa...

After months of ignoring every tangler's website and all challenges I am finally back. I scrolled down your site and am just amazed about the many tangles you did while I was 'gone'. Your toodles tiles are BIUTIFUL Anita!!!! Love your tanned tile, but also what you did in the calendar. Flormeoba, yes, know it. There is also Flormeoba Rose, but by another artist. I wish you a very tangle-filled 2018.

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank you Michele and Susie for your encouraging and inspiring comments! Hope your 2018 will be a happy and creative year!