onsdag 16 maj 2018

13th-15th of May and also a celebration-tile.

I think I like to use my calendar now and then for challenges. Now is the busy time of the year in the garden which means not so much time for tangling or anything else but being outdoors with my fingers in the soil. But look, I have helpers:

Iris the Pumi is a great gardener! 

In lack of time, the calendar is perfect! I like to follow the Diva´s challenge very much and opening my calendar I have the possibility! So here comes my entry for Challenge 363:

The challenge is all about auras and I like doing auras. The patterns for this challenge just happened to pop up: Trio (Hanny Nura), Crescent moon (Zt), Somnee (Laura Harms), Axlexa (Henrike Bratz), Meer (Zt) and Shnek (Hanny Nura).

In Today´s Tangles we have now 3000 members! Celebrating this we made prompts relating to the Zentangle method. Today I started off with the first prompt: 

  1. Gratitude and Appreciation.  As you sit down to tangle with a clean tile, appreciate the opportunity to tangle, knowing that you are an artist, even if you never thought of yourself as one, because Zentangle came into your life. If you have the Zentangle Primer: Volume 1, appreciate the basic patterns we’re first taught. With this in mind, use the tangles CRESCENT MOON, SHATTUCK, SNAIL, W2 and/or CADENT in a monotangle or any combination of the five.

I used Cadent, which gave me the oportunity to try Margaret Bremners tangleation Cadent Squared. Also I went for Snail, a tangle I haven´t used since I learned it! Almost forgotten, but this easy tangle is so nice to draw! One of the most important thing following the Zentanglemethod is Appreciation. And Gratitude. To appreciate the moment. To be aware of this: There are no misstakes in Zentangle. When an OOps appear, this is a great opportunity to go in another direction. I love this!

8 kommentarer:

ria matheussen sa...

I like this post very much: a wonderful picture of a very cute and special dog, a gorgeous trio, absolutely beautiful with all those aura's. Thanks for reminding gratitude and appreciation. We take to much for granted and forget often to be grateful.
And to finish a great work of the new variation of Cadent, love it!

Lori sa...

Anita, you do such lovely work. (And I totally understand the gardening thing. Our weather is finally warming up and I plan to spend more time playing in the dirt.)

michele sa...

gorgeous work Anita! I love all of those Aura patterns;-)

Anne's tangle blog sa...

My gardening is not more then putting plants in pots and sometimes cutting branches that are too long; my husband does a great job with the rest of the garden :-)
O .... I like your aura's!

Anita A Westin CZT sa...

Thank’s dear Ria for your warming comment! I always appreciate it!😄

Anita A Westin CZT sa...

Thank’s Lori! I am so happy that you like my work! It means a lot to me!

Anita A Westin CZT sa...

Thank’s Michele! So happy you like them!😍

Anita A Westin CZT sa...

Thank you Anne for stopping by! Glad you like the Auras!😄