måndag 23 juli 2018

In the round with Hexa

Tangling in the round is one of the best methods for me to get into the zone, no worries, no planning, just being there. My friend Ria Matheussen has come up with several beautiful patterns recently and I have paid attention to them but not done much more than that. Hexa is one of them and is built from small hexagones. I like this pattern,because it is easy to learn, it can come out bold or elegant, with different amount of drama and so on. Here is my first attempt:

As I try a pattern for the first time I always draw it in my sketchbook first and then I try it on white surface with black pen. I enjoyed doing Hexa like this and together with Stikz (Laurel Sponseller) D´Rua (Damy) and Antidots (Anita Roby Lavery). 


2 kommentarer:

Ria Matheussen sa...

I agree with you that tangling in the round is one of the best methods to come into a comfortzone, me too like that and it makes me very glad you used Hexa in an absolute gorgeous composition with other beautiful drawn tangles. Thank you very much for sharing!!!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank’s Ria! So happy you like it! Hex’s is a beautiful tangle!