lördag 14 juli 2018

IAST 251 and calendar 10th-12th of July

IAST 251. It´s a String Thing!I love this challenge, since I really enjoy working with the string in focus. The string is supposed to be the guidance through the process. I had no possibility to do the last one, 250, but this one I did. The patterns suggested were Stikz (Laurel Sponseller), which is a tangleation of BB (Zt), and Munchin (Zt). Stikz was a new one to me so I wanted it to play the lead with the string. I belive Stikz can do a lot of things, but this is the way it went for me and I enjoyed the process.

My calendar for 10th-12th of July:

The theme for the rest of July I have decided to be the prompts for Summertangles 2018. I was a late starter with this, but never mind. I used Ponio (Damy), Fescu, Cubine and Opus. On the 11th it should have been Cubic, but in my head it said Cubine and I think I know why. Ever since I learned Cubine it just get me going and I never know where it will take me!  So I am sorry Cubic, but I´ll get back to you later on! I promise! On the 12th the prompt said Monotangle! I just picked a card randomly from Lynn Shelton Mead´s Tangle Deck and that was the Opus card! I don´t draw Opus often but I always like what happens when I do.

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