fredag 27 juli 2018

25th-27th of July and My Tile

Summer Tangles still going on!
25th: Groovy (Helen Hunt) with friends: Asian Fans (Suzanne McNeill), Jetties and Jonqual, both Zt.

26th: Kuzek (Laura Harms) and some related wild Cadent in the numbers.
27th: Microtangleday! Haven´t gon in this direction before. I usually go into Macrotangling when I have a chance! I went to my box with left over pieces from my cutting my own tiles from Fabriano Tiepolo. And there it was, a tiny little tile just waiting to get the chance! I glued it into my calendar and started with Lisbon-fragment (Henrike Bratz) and filled it with Onomato and something Static-like. Then I Mashed (Lori Byerly) it all in, since there was a lot of emptyness around.

For #mytileproject Nancy Domnauer (Line Dot Calm) I did this one:

Z-string. 1. Arukas (Anita), 2. Well (Westin), 3. Cubine (August) and 4. Ginilli (Randy Wynne Parry), a favouritepattern of mine. The last one was tricky. To choose my favouritepattern when I have got so many favourites! At last I choose Ginilli, which I haven´t used for some time now, but this pattern is absolutely wonderful to draw!

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