tisdag 10 juli 2018

My result on PP03 !

PP03 was quite a challenge. It has taken some time to finish it but now I am there! This is worth celebrating I belive! I did take pics during the process this time too, which I am happy I didn´t forget! So lets start with the first step:

This was what I started with, the ribbonstring as demonstrated by Molly Hollibaugh.

Filling the ribbons with black pen was fun!...

This is the pic before shading/adding color. I did like this one very much!

I used my watercolorpencils; Madder Crimson and Prussian Blue. And here is my final, finished mosaic! Highligted with white charcoalpencil and shaded with graphite.

Here came the real challenge for me, the background done in graphite! I am happy I went through all these steps, since I learned a lot from doing this. I could have left it without the graphite-background, but I really wanted to try this technique. The patterns I choose for the background: Echoism and Assunta. First I thought I would only use Echoism,but then I decided to let Assunta be a part of it.

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MartyG sa...

Fabulous. I have my ribbon strings and so far just two tangles drawn. This motivates me to keep going! Thanks.