torsdag 26 juli 2018

Calendar 22nd-24th of July

We haven´t had a summer like this during my liftime. It is all about the heat in July and our forrests that are on fire. I spend most of my time in the studio, tangling and painting. I am happy I can do this. The summertangles -18 is a fun prompt to follow, I learn some new patterns and I am pleased doing it in my calendar.

22nd: A pattern new to me, Bwiya (Anne Marks). I liked this one very much. 
23d: Gingham (Margaret Bremner). I have done it before but forgotten all about it. Now I think I won´t forget it, it is so nice to draw.
24th: Tranzending! I do like this technique a lot. It is a way to remake old pieces ofcourse, but it is also a tremendous technique to make things special and interesting doing basic tangling! Here you can see how Rick and Maria demonstrates this!

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