måndag 30 juli 2018

28th - 30th of July and Poa

Summertangles 28th, 29th and 30th.  So happy Pach (Jody Okava) came by. This was a favourite when I learned it, but now almost forgotten! This tangle is so fun!! And the next one Scallamp (Sarah Uram) is also a happy one! Then came the zenbutton-day. Hm. Though I have tried this I haven´t really been hooked. Why on earth, this is really fun! What made me change my mind was, I started to think about it as a reticula-fragment play. Yes I have read the instructions several times, but it didn´t settle down in me. But pof! All of a sudden I didn´t worry about a thing, not the outcome, just thinking reticula and fragments I liked. This was a happy moment!

Tonight I made my daily tile. I played with Poa (Marion Kreutzweg) in my sketchbook a couple of days ago:

It was quite fun but I wasn´t happy with it. Poa is the focustangle in Square One. Anya Ipsen had made a beautiful tile featuring this pattern. But where is my Poa? Well I trusted the method and picked up an original tile and went on...dots in the corners, penciled line and a string picked from the air... Here is my tile:

I am happy with it. It is all about Poa and fragment C12. The process was the important way to do it. And you know what! As I look at it now, I remember when I was a teenager, wanting to be an artist! There is something in this tile that is similar to what I did then, working on very big drawings in a surrealistic manner!  I was not prepared for this experiance.

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