tisdag 23 augusti 2016

A beautiful morning in August

Today the sun has poured all over our village. August hasn´t been this beautiful as it is today. Not much wind, our big lake Siljan has been like a mirror. So I moved out into the garden sitting there with my zentanglemeditation for today.

It was a moment of depth and focus. Even though my dog was digging up something unnameable in the bushes that surrounded us. I had prepared for the string 146 (Lily Moon)and this is what came out of this golden moment. I didn´t know then who had made up this string! but Drogon took place into it, and that´s the pattern of Lily Moon! Then there is LO´s (mine) and Viaduct (Wayne Harlow). I wanted LO´s to join, since I am leaving for Stockholm tomorrow and my friends burial. that also means I won´t post in a week or so, but sure I will tangle!

Before I close this I want to publish the picture I made yesterday with all 10 circletangles in it! Here it is:

Have a nice time and keep on tangling!

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