måndag 8 augusti 2016

Abeko for my friend

In Square One Abeko now is the focustangle. No wonder! This tangle is sprung out of a tanglers mind, Lynn Shelton Mead and it is such a beauty in itself! At once, the day it was published, a lot of tanglers wanted to try it, including myself. Starting to use it I found it lives it own life and I don´t know when I start where it will end. It is so special! It doesn´t ask for embellishment. Not even shading. So today I just let it join my other tangles with string 139 (Barbara Finwall).

The other patterns are: Offkey (Lori Byerly), Olb (Helen Williams and LO´s (mine).

I made this tile especially for my dearest friend Lennart, who passed away last night. When I made this, I didn´t know that it was all over, but I thought of him every stroke I made. I miss him so much and I am filled with sorrow but also with greatfulness that I have known such a great person and that we became so close friends for many years.

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