söndag 21 augusti 2016

About patterns and surprises

The new focus tangle in Square One is Viaduct (Wayne Harlow). I have tried that pattern before. I have seen it been used. But it didn´t appeal to me. The pattern I saw was about cars and highways. I also saw a pattern with 3D possibilities. But it wasn´t enough to really want me to go further with it. I decided to give it one more round though this week! I made it in my sketchbook, on a Bijou-tile and whow, there I found something more! Of course I was inspired by what I saw in Square One, but the fact is, first I had to reach the point when I could draw it more freely. That´s the same with all patterns, appealing or not. I should remember that. 

The surprise came with this morning meditation! I wanted to go on with my personal string-challenge and had come to string 144 (Angela Werner). It was a perfect match to Viaduct! At least in my way of thinking! I guess this pattern will stay in my library of go-to-patterns after this! I had so fun! Flux, Tipple and Beadlines (Margaret Bremner) joined too. 

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