måndag 1 augusti 2016

String 136 and more

I got mail today from Linda Farmer as an answer to my pattern LO´s . Sometimes things just go their own way. Early in my tangling journey I learned a basic pattern, Eke. I then found it uninteresting and in fact; boring. After that I never used it again and forgot all about it. Linda told me that LO´s was a tangleation of Eke! I am so happy she saw that. I belive I am a little bit wiser today than in the beginning. When a pattern seems too simple or when it doesn´t appeal to me, then I do consider it more than one time and not seldom I find myself really like it when I have tried it out. So I thank you Linda for reminding me on Eke! 

Here is my tile from this morning. I started with string 136. Then the patterns: Echoism, Nipa, Tipple, LO´s (my tangleation of Eke) and Ipso (Jennifer Hohensteiner). Note that I had not opened my mail-box when I did this!I love when moments like this appears. It is a reminder to me that there is so much more than I can see at the first sight, and there is knowledge beyond what I know of! More to find out....

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