måndag 29 augusti 2016

29th of August

It is a special day today. It is Charlie Parker´s birthday. And mine. Celebrating Bird  I will play some old recordings tonight and eat birthdaycake for myself!  The tangling today went over the whole surface of the tile. The pencil-line connecting the dots in the corner was there but can not be seen anymore. 

The D-alfa tanglepattern (Bunny Wright) is in focus at Square One. To me it looks like ropes or maybe snakes. Fun to draw. Sparkle (Sharon Caforio), Betweed and Tipple joined. The string is 151.

Yesterday I sent my entry for IAST 159 to Adele Bruno. I made it on my trip to Stockholm actually, but finished it at home last night when I added watercolor.

The patterns are: Palrevo (Kerry Heun), Partay (Margaret Bremner) and Printemps. I wasn´t satisfied at first, but adding color to this I am quite happy about it! The Palrevo-pattern is very similar to a pattern called Främz by Tracy Frogley published on Flickr. Things like that happens when it is about patterns. There isn´t much new under the sun! Palrevo/Främz is really fun to do! But now I am going to celebrate!

2 kommentarer:

Wally the Swamp Rat sa...

Hope that you have a very Happy Birthday!!

Bine sa...

I wish you belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you enjoyed your birthdaycake and celebration. The IAST-Tile is beautiful with the watercolour. I also wasn't satisfied with mine.