onsdag 3 augusti 2016

Traveling Tangles Project

There is a project going on in a FB-group. I don´t think this will stay in a group. I belive it will be spread among tanglers over the planet! It is fun and it is conecting people that would never have spoke to eachother! The name Traveling Tangle is exactly what it is. I start a tile with something and send it by ordinary mail to somone somewhere. Someone finish the tile and publish it in the FB-group. Ofcourse it could be published anywhere. The group is a closed group which means you have to be let in by the moderator Jennifer Stephanie. If you don´t want to join, the idea is great and can grow and be spread wherever it happens.

The last traveling tangle I received came from Czt Sandy Kelly Jones. It was a happy tangle-post and when I got it I wasn´t in a happy mood. To receive this, made the day change into something hopefull! I got it late in the afternoon. I looked at it and wanted to start at once. But I said to myself to wait a little, let it rest over the night at least. This is what it looked like:

I waited till the next morning (yesterday), had my breakfast, brushed my teeth and then started tangeling. Here is the beforepic:

The simplicity of the lines and the fact that this wasn´t a finished tile really got me on the go. This is a very good example of a traveling tangle that works and just want to go on and on! A worked through pattern doesn´t give you that opportunity! But you got to have courage and trust when you leave it to the one who receives it not just to go on tangeling but also to finish it! Thats why I am convinced that Sandy is an exellent teacher! I think I learned something from this. I will be careful with the tangles I send on, that they are so open as possible for further development! Thank´s Sandy for this knowledge. It is not new to me, this is what I have tried to do when I have been teaching students through the years. Not to give to much but give enough! Now I got this knowledge back from a new angle. I am greatful for that! Here is what happened:

It is not about skills or anything like planning. It is about being in it and let things grow. I had such a great moment and I am grateful for that. This tile I will frame and keep in sight as a reminder to myself what tangeling is all about.

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