tisdag 30 augusti 2016

Taking over space

This morning I wanted to try Eni Oken´s new pattern, Trelina. This pattern reminds me of the art of the Swedish artist, Lasse Åberg. So I picked a string and started off. What happened? Trelina grow over the space and dominated totally the outcome! I had much fun doing this, but finished, I don´t know where the string went!!

In the background is Ticking (JJ La Barbera). As you can see, Trelina almost moved out of the tile! :) 

When I opened up the computer something waited for me. Linda Farmer had published my pattern LO´s on I knew she would since she told me, but her presentation of the pattern was so beautiful. I am so grateful for this and I feel blessed that something could come out of sorrow. 

My personal challenge about the strings didn´t work this morning. But I loved the result! String 152 by Barbara Finwall I wanted to do again to make it justice! This string was a challenge to me. It looked like a flower. What to do with it? As I looked at the string I started to tangle the petals with Garlic Cloves. I have no name on the creator of this pattern.

Then I added LO´s, Echoism, Fescu and Beadlines. To keep it all together I made a ribbon connecting the parts. When I look at it I see how things get together even if I don´t know it. But it is hard to belive that I used the same string in both tiles! 

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