måndag 19 september 2016

Narwal and string 163

Narwal (Sam Taylor) is a tangle I have tried before. I have seen a lot of tanglers using Narwal in such a beautiful way. But I was in trouble doing it. Not that I couldn´t produce it. But to get the flow and being in the "zone" was another question. So I put it aside for a long time now. Today I had come to string 163 (Barbara Finwall). I just saw it there!

So I encouraged myself to do it! Without hesitating and no practise this time. I just checked the steps and started. Now I felt relaxed with it and this time it just went on and on. I thought there would only come one but as I draw I couldn´t stop! I love to feel it this way! All of a sudden I didn´t have to think, it just came out of the pen!

Meer is the second pattern and down in the left corner is Bubbles (Suzanne McNeill).

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