torsdag 8 september 2016

Tangles travelling far away

I must get back to travelling tangles again! It is such a miracle how small sheet of paper with some marks on it can make your day and lead to something else! Yesterday, when I was back in a sad mood, I got happy mail from Australia and Sue Zanker. It was beautiful! I haven´t done much about it yet, but looking at it laying here on my desk in my studio. She also sent me a tile she had made as a gift. I love that tile and my mood changed to a brighter one! I went to the beach with my dog and saw her running and jumping in the water! That was happiness! 

When I am finished with the tiles I´ll post it here in my blog.   Today I went to searching on her name and found three exciting patterns of Sue. Gord was the one I wanted to try immediately.

Gord is in the background on this tile. I loved it from the start. It is a pattern with possibilities and as I always appreciate geometry I just got lost in this! I used string 156 (Bunny Wright) and Reticulated (Livia Chua) wanted to play here!  Thank´s to Sue Zanker for this inspiration! The sun is shining here now!

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