lördag 10 september 2016


Today was the perfect day to do IAST 161. It is about weather and especially RAIN. I have a lot of tiles left after the shavingfoam experiment. They all smell! The perfumed foam odour didn´t go away completely, but it doesn´t dominate my studio anymore. If I can´t find odourless shavingfoam I guess the experiment ends with the tiles I have left. I might have a little allegic reaction to it also, since I have been sneezing while working on these tiles! But it still is fun and I hope I can go on with it in an odourless way!

Now it is about rain. Rain is a zentangle I learned from the start. It has a very strong appearance and that might be the reason I haven´t used it regularly. I like to do this tangle! 

The other tangles in the challenge are Hibred and Raindotty (Jane Monk). I also added Pais (Rick Huber). It is fun to tangle on a marbled background, but I am unsure of the result. Maybe it is the shading. Watercolorpaper is fine with watercolor, but I have to try it some more I guess. Or get me some other paper that suits Shavingfoam better.

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