lördag 17 september 2016


There are no misstakes in Zentangle! But there are Ooops! When they appear it is very easy to give it all up! To throw away the tile in the trashcan or even worse tear it into pieces. Today with gloomy, grey weather I was so close to do exactly like that. Not only with the first tile but also with the second. Should I go back to bed or what! No, I did take the lesson about Ooops seriously, so I didn´t. The first tile with Oops was for Square One and the focustangle Fife.

I should have taken a pic of the Oops. But I didn´t think of that. Now it ended up like this and I am satisfied with the process. Knightsbridge, Crescent Moon and Starmap was added. I like the Crescent Moon, the way it appeared.

Next tile was for IAST 162. The pattern in the challenge are Ing, Hollibaugh and Bubbles (Suzanne McNeill). I started with the string and then after that what happened? Yes an Ooops immediately took place! But I was encouraged by my last tile with Fife so this time I just went on and throw all planning in the trashcan instead of my tile!

And this is my happy outcome! Tipple also followed as it very often does. I had fun with all the Oops this time and I hope I will keep that in mind when they appear. Because they will, I am sure of that!

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