tisdag 8 november 2016

Travelling Tangles from Joey

Last week I got happy mail from Joey and now I have finished her beautiful starts! 

This one with Pearly (Sandra) and Bublz (Lori Byerly) was so light and airy and I wanted to keep it that way, but how could I?

This is where it went. Well the airyness is not the same, Cubine made it otherwise. I added som more Bublz, Tipple and a spiders Web (Suzanne McNeill).

Next tile Joey had started with a pattern new to me: Oybay (Antonine Koval). I love to learn new patterns and this one I will have more fun with!  

I added more Obay, Phicops (B-Rad), Caviar (Lori Howe), Tipple and Mooka. I had a lot of fun doing this and one special thing is that Phicops appeared again into my mind! I haven´t used this tangle for a long time, but now it came back to me. It is a lovely tangle worth knowing by heart!

3 kommentarer:

Sandra Sch. sa...

Very lovely tiles :-) I was so happy to see Pearly in Joeys tile and you finished it so nice! The second one is also great :-)

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Sandra! Pearly is a lovely pattern!😍

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Have a look at this!