måndag 21 november 2016

Triangles coming out.

Recently Zen-again gathered CZT:s in Newport. Yet there hasn´t been much published from this event, but there will be ofcourse. One thing has appeared from the event and that is a new tile, a triangle, called Z3. The sides of the triangle is the same size as the side of the squares. That means the angles must be 60°. I wanted to try this since I do love triangles in patterns and you name it! I cut my own from Fabriano Tiepoli and here they are:

My first try went like this with Arukas somewhere in the middle, Betweed, Knightsbridge, Yah (Emelie Classon), Rainking (Leona Shih) and LO´s (mine). It was fun. I didn´t use a string or cornerdots for the first one.

The second one i used both cornerdots and string. My pattern Kassandra became the border and then I only used Tripoli. I was more happy about this outcome! Maybe because i followed the basics in Zentangle!

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