torsdag 10 november 2016

Today´s tangle

Today´s tangles is a new group on Fb founded by CZT Sandy Kelley-Jones. It is a group for sharing daily tangles in b/w or color. I find it interesting when a new group of this kind is coming up. And I belive there are things to learn in this one as well. I will follow the group from the start which is also interesting, to see where it leads! Yesterday I posted a tile there which I made when I was invited.

I used string 187 (Mary Ellen Calhoun) for this occasion and the patterns Dreamcatcher (Daniel Lamothe), Fassett (Lynn Shelton Mead), Nymph (Melinda Barlow) and Tipple.

Today I went on with b/w original. It is a lot of black in it. There are so much darkness to relate to right now so I needed black as a shelter.

And tangles that would keep everything together in a safe way. Yes I managed to take a before-pic this time! Here comes the one after shading:

I used string 188 (Beth Snoderly). the patterns: Afterglo (Carole Ohl), Oybay (Antonine Koval), LO´s (my own), Kassandra (my own) Echoism and Hollibaugh. Looking at it afterwards I can´t help the feeling that this tile is about sorrow. But not without hope. The hope is about zentangle as a meeting-place for good an loving forces around our planet. And the hope is about how tangling affects my own worries - It helps to keep focus on what is importat here and now. 

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