söndag 6 november 2016

Fassett II

I am not finished with Fassett! The more I play with it, the more it is talking to me. I started in my sketchbook with my fountainpen today.

I tried string 185, but as I worked Fasset just took over the whole space and the string completely disappeared. But it is there. I tried Lynn Shelton Mead´s suggestions upon how to draw it, but as usual Fassett lives it´s own life! After this I tried the same string on a tile:

This time I outlined the string, to be sure not to lose it. String 185 is shared by Annette Plaga-Lodde and I find it very beautiful to work with. Fassett took another shape and another direction. That is so magical with this pattern, you never know where it takes you! Oh I love this!

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