tisdag 29 november 2016

String 200 and a fragment

The pattern Sindoo I call a high-focus pattern. To me that means I have to make an effort to learn it. I have to explore it before I can make it "mine". What I have done is to break the pattern down into a fragment. So now I am in that fragment-reticula thing again. Today´s meditation might make it clear what I mean.

The second pic is the scanned back side of the tile and I draw the fragment there to remember what I have done. The reticula is obvious in this tile I guess.

This is also a monotangle in my way to see it. Yes there are some small round orbs too. But I decide it is a monotangle. This was not planned but it went that way and I used string 200 (Margaret Bremner). Of course I could have filled all the spaces but I didn´t. And I am satisfied with that.

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