fredag 25 november 2016

Black Friday

Why do we have this BLACK Friday? And why call it BLACK? It has popped up during the past 2 years in Sweden and is all about commercial stuff. Buy whatever, if you need it or not. I admit. I did buy something but I won´t tell what! I love BLACK but not in combination with Friday. So I didn´t make a black tile today. I went for my personal project with strings and I have come to string 197 (Nancy Smith). A very geometrical string and I love geometry.

I started with a favourite of mine, Lollywimple (Sandy Hunter), and then followed: Cubine, Starmap (Suzanne McNeill) and Appearance (Sandra Strait). These four are all such patterns that just appear unplanned and so easy to learn that anyone knows them by heart very quickly! Very relaxing! 

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