måndag 4 september 2017

Back to basic and going further

The zentanglemethod, dots, penciled line between them and a string is important to me as I want to have this structure for my daily meditation. The other steps to; appreciate, gratitude, breath, no planning follows.

No worries, I would add. Just DO it. I need some help sometimes. Something that make me stay in the moment and feel the joy when the lines goes their way and I instinctivly knows what to do next. I am so happy with my Tangle Decks from Lynn Shelton Mead. The patterns there are all known, but beautifully and carefully done and the monotangles of each pattern are inspiring and open up new possibilities to approach the patterns. As I first learned Arukas, I loved it. But I didn´t explore it the way I did with the Tangle Decks! I loved to do this and Arukas in a spiral led to Beelight, a pattern I haven´t used much at all. The Beadlines had to go with it. It was so exciting!

Today´s meditation was important to me. I needed to be focused on a task I must do today. The funny thing is I did use the Square One focus tangle, BtlJoos (Sandy Steen Bartholomew). That tangle makes me smile.

It is gliding through the tile, slipping away don´t know where... Then Evoke (Zt) came to give some balance and Cruffle (Sandy Hunter) wanted to take care of the BtlJoos and make me smile even more. Yes, that was what I needed, whitout knowing it! It is amazing! 

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