tisdag 12 september 2017

10th, 11th and 12th of September

9 days I have focused on playing with one or two tangles every three days in my calendar. I like this. This is a way for me to learn and explore. It is fun! I should have worked like this earlier, but I am afraid I am not that structured. But now I have told my brain this is new every day anyhow,although it is the same pattern I play with! I am not unfamiliar to think like this. I am used to it when I make new experiences  as I work with my paintings. At last I have found this is fun in tangling too!!! I should have known....

I choose Eke among all for this page. This tangle is so easy to learn. Everyone who has learned handwriting in school knows this is an e or maybe an l! I haven´t used Eke frequently in tangling, at least not that I was aware of. But Linda Farmer told me that my LO´s could be an tangleation of Eke! So I have been thinking a lot about trying Eke invariations. Of course my LO´s appeared on the 12th.

Today´s meditation went in another direction. Fleavy (Hanny Nura) is the focustangle in Square One. I have done it before and I do like it very much, it is flowing very easy.

As I tried Arukas in a spiral (inspired by Lynn Shelton Mead´s work) earlier, I saw the Fleavy in it so it was just waiting to be done! Here it is with Beeline and Tipple. I like it this way. On the surface of the tile, under the tangles I wrote some things that are important to me and fills me with gratitude. Not my idea, but an idea from CZT Mary Bartop. I loved to do this. 

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