söndag 10 september 2017

Happy mail from Australia!

Australia is on the other side of the globe. So far away! But Travelling Tangles brings people together! About a month ago Sue Zanker and I found out it was about a year ago we met on Fb in the Travelling Tangles Project. So we decided to give it one more round! I haven´t been doing this for quite a long time now, being busy with a lot of other things.  In the end of last week I got my happy mail! Whow, it was like Christmas Eve in September!

Three wonderful starters. And a card with beautifully written words on, Calligraphy by Sue!! I have it on my wall. Calligraphy, Lettering is so inspiring, but as I haven´t done much of that myself, I do appreciate what other people are able to do in this special artform. 

Well which one of the candies should I start with! I chose the one with the gem and Spoken. Here is the beforepic:

It isn´t a very sharp pic but that´s the one I got since I was too eager to start on the tile, I didn´t check it out! Here is the result of the collaboration:

Sue´s gem is so beautifully done in purple. You can see a little "straw" glimmering inside it. As I drew my tangles;Shattuck, Eke, Mooka (all Zt) some pearls and LO´s (my own), I could not resist trying to add some pink too. I usually don´t use pink very much but here it had to come. i guess it is because of Sue, I think she once told me she love pink. So much joy and fun in this Sue, thank you for giving me the opportunity! 

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