fredag 8 september 2017

31st of August, 4th, 4th and 6th of September

Maybe I have got an idea what to do in my calender for September. I havent used a theme but I think I will this time.

I want to explore one - two patterns at a time. Two patterns since it is so interesting to make them go into eachother, emerge from eachother. One pattern since I almost never give one pattern time enough to find out possible ways to go with it and hopefully sometimes out of the box. I am pleased with the last three days starting with Strickle (Zt) and going into Nipa. It was fun and I am happy about the result.

I realized I have forgotten to publish last day of August! Here it is:

Arukas, one of my favouritetangles ever! In new shapes inspired by Lynn Shelton Mead!

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