måndag 18 september 2017

13th - 18th of September

13th-15th: Onamato on the go! Onamato is one of the first tangles I learned. But I haven´t played with it much. I have used it but not in this way. On the 13th I use it with Papermint (Sandy Hunter) and tried some small variations. On the 14th I went on with the variations and let Cruffle (Sandy Hunter) join. On the 15th I also used Printemps and Tipple. 

16th-18th: Flux is also a tangle I learned from the start. But I have only used Rick´s variation, not Maria´s. Maria´s Flux is quite different even if it still is a one-stroke pattern! First I felt a little bit Mookish about it, but the more I used it the more Flux was going on! And look what happened when I blow it up! And on the 18th I think this Flux went crazy! Loved this! 

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