fredag 13 april 2018

10th-12th of April and a tile for Cris

Amphora (Lily Moon) for three days. This is a beautiful tangle that I use now and then. It can take many shapes! 

Recently Cris Letourneau CZT, artist and author has been affected hardly as her husband died in a fire that totally destroyed their home. Cris and her daughter Alexa are safe since they were not at home that nigt. In the group Today´s Tangles were Cris is a member, Sandy asked us to make tiles, send them to her and she will send the package to Cris for comfort and support. Here is my tile for her, now on its way by mail.

The patterns are Flukes, Ing, `NZeppel and Peace Petals (Sandy Kelley-Jones). 

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