tisdag 24 april 2018

22nd-24th of April and some more tangling

Now I start to belive Spring is here to stay! Just one snowpack outside our house is to be seen, but that one has been hughe, now our dogs can jump over it! Flux is a tangle that speaks about growth and brings a promise of a warmer season to come! I love this time every year and it is worth everything!

A couple of days ago I visited a friend of mine and she wanted to know about the zentangle method. I brought her some of my books, some tiles, pens and a pencil. We had a wonderful evening tangling. 
I always love to go back to basics, to basic patterns, it is always so relaxing and I always feel happy doing it.

Nipa, Crescent Moon and Knightsbridge. Nothing more is to be needed. 

Today I made this tile:

Boucle (Cherryl Moote) is the focustangle in Square One. Such a lovely one to draw. It reminds me of Printemps ofcourse. Here together with Shattuck, Maze, Flux and Tipple, all Zt. I am happy how this came together. It has some Spring in it!

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