fredag 20 april 2018

16th-21st of April

I think I could go on playing with Oof maybe for the rest of this month, but I won´t. I stop with Oof drawn with straight lines. This tangleation (or maybe a new pattern?) makes me happy.

I am ahead (?!) in my calendar! I am not able to do anything in it tomorrow soo... I now revisited Umble. A pattern I didn´t like at all when I first learned it. I have tried it a few times after that but Umble has not spoken to me. I rather draw Hollibaugh or something else. I belive it is depending on my hands are a little more shaky than they used to be in my youth. Umble is very easy to learn, it is one stroke and Auras. My lines always seems to wobble. It doesn´t really matter that I slow down as much as I can. Most of the time I doesn´t care about this . In most patterns this isn´t disturbing, on the contrary it adds something. But with Umble I am not sure of that. I have tried to find my way with Umble on this page. I have made it thinner, fatter, with more or less black in it. I admit we are not friends yet, but some steps closer. I haven´t given it up, I will go back to it again further on.

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