måndag 30 april 2018

25th-30th of April and Walpurgis Night

This is the busy time of Spring. Everything seems to accelerate in the garden which means a lot of stuff to take care of. Here were I live we use to gather branches and other stuff we need to get rid of  and carry it all to a Walpurgis-fire in the middle of our neighbourhood. Our fire will be quite big this year, if the weather doesn´t stop it all. I am very happy I have my calendar these days to draw my tangles in, since I don´t have much time to spend for tangling. I like to explore one tangle at a time right now.It is so satisfying to see what happens with small variations done! I can´t get enough of this I think.

25th-27th: Boucle (Cherryl Moote) is so fun to draw and with lots of possibilities! Loved it!
28th-30th: Zander (zt). Zander is a tangle I have used now and then but till now I haven´t tried to make it mine or adding some variations to it. I did like what happened! And I had some fun, that is for sure!

I have made one tile during these 6 days! Here it is:

Lily Moon has designed Carcole for us to play with. I did like it a lot! Here in company with Shard (Carole Ohl), Striping, Tipple, Flux, Fescu and Shattuck.

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