onsdag 11 april 2018

7th-9th of april and Diva´s challenge 359

I found out that I really like to explore a tangle in different ways. To start the exploration in my calendar is so fun. Here is Nipa in focus. I start with the basic pattern and then change a little on the way. Love to do that!

As for the Diva´s challenge 359 I made this:

The challenge was to use my own fingers and trace them on a tile, then using this as a string. A String-challenge. I had some fun and this challenge was a relaxing thing to do, though at first the penciled lines really looked like a mess! Once started to tangle I didn´t think about that.

2 kommentarer:

Michele Wynne sa...

Lovely work Anita!

Anne's tangle blog sa...

I like the tangles you used!