torsdag 2 augusti 2018

Zenbuttons and My Tile 2

Zenbutton is a quite new word in Zentangle World. Marguerite Sammama brought it up. Here is the background and how to do it!

I practiced on Bijou some time ago, during the Valentangle-period, but didn´t get hooked. I have seen a lots of beautiful buttons around which made me want to give it a go one more time. This time I didn´t think button at all, but reticula and fragments. Which happened to be the clue. Yes I have read Marguerites guide before and I knew where she got the idea from. But it just didn´t speak to me. This time I made it on a tan tile 8,9x8,9 cm, which I had got from my friend Marie Penzing. I have run out of rennaisance tiles...
 Don´t exactly know what was the difference this time, but I didn´t think much of the result but focused on one stroke at a time. Oh there was an Oops! I appreciated this Oops, it led me into another direction, making my Chop as a fragment on the button! I think I will use it some other time, it was fun! The fragments I used on this Button are: G23, D16, C4, V5 and Lisbon Fragment (Henrike Bratz). So happy with this button I had to do one more the next day:

Well I have ran out of rennaisance tiles and I am looking for substitutes, since the originals are not easy to get in Sweden. I took a cardstock from the back of a watercolorpad which is accid-free. It is heavyweight though and with a hard surface. My cutting-machine didn´t like it at all. I forced it to cut though and now it has got a terribly squeezing sound when I touch it! It maybe kills my cutter but I loved this surface a lot and the pens didn´t have any problem with it.
This time I used the fragments: T5, K3, H16 and Chrissie Frampton´s fragment from her pattern Jackstripes. Instead of using a fragment in the center I made a little gem, which I don´t draw often. 

Today´s meditation. I wanted to do one more for My-tile-project. I wanted to try it on a black tile, which was really fun! My firs tile you find here.

Tangles of my choice except for the month:
And (Sandra Harsveld) : Anita 
Wacho (Livia Chua): Westin
Cubine (Zt) : August
Tipple (Zt) : Favouritetangle

I am thinking of using this concept further on but not referring to myself. It is such a good concept, I love it. Thank´s to Nancy Domnauer who came up with the idea!

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